Glass boxes … and why they are so good. Part 2


In part 1 we discussed the basics about glass boxes, what is the build process like, roughly their cost etc.  In this article we will look at how they can transform a space from being dull and dingy to a bright open area everyone wants to be in.

Glass, being transparent has the great advantage that it will keep heat in, the elements out, also allow light to flood in, but also be invisible, so you don’t see a wall, you just see the outside.  Who doesn’t yearn to be outdoors?

Kitchen Transformation

When people think of an extension they invariably have a use for it, an architect will come along draw them up a little brick box to add to the end of their house leaving them to work out the interior space.   LondonContemporary designs the whole space from the inside, after all that’s where you live.  So when we design a glass box, or just a huge picture window we have designed it, with you and your family in mind.  Take this example for instance an area that is literally transformed from a tired pokey kitchen no more than 2m X 3m metres (that’s the doorway you can see to the left of the TV)  to a large invigorating space full of natural light, with a lovely little breakfast area you can see furthest in the picture.

Before and after a glass box

Not only installing a glass box, but a handleless kitchen by Haecker and the full range of Miele kitchen appliances, flooring by Reed Harris.

Another idea is to open up your kitchen space by removing a dividing wall, and using the French doors as an entrance way, add a glass box to your patio giving a cosy little room and a superior kitchen space.  Kitchen bespoke by appliances by Miele , Fridge by AEG, Range by Rangemaster

House Transformation

If I have an old house will a glass box work? We are often asked this question and the answer is YES most definitely and there is no shortage of options, for example in the pictures above you can see Grade 2 listed 1840 Victorian London houses, and here an even older property but with a glass box infill giving much needed light and space to an otherwise “dead” area of the garden and house.

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It works well with modern houses as well as can be seen here, a full width glass box extension doubling the size of the ground floor and providing a nice cosy entrance hall to the rear of the property. 

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Box windows are another option, a stick out window made entirely of glass makes the room bigger, allows in more light and generally gives a feeling of space.

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The opportunities are endless, go to our webpage and fill out the contact form and we will be in touch to plan your perfect living space.