New Year – New Kitchen, New Bathroom, New Bedroom?

So January came and went. I think most of us were feeling positive at the start of 2021 and then we were hit with lockdown again, and this time it’s in winter. Oh it was so much easier when it was a summer lockdown wasn’t it?

However, we made it through January and we are into February. At the end of this month, we will have gained another 30 minutes of daylight and you can feel spring is on the way. So let’s all stop complaining about the restrictions and start planning your home for the time post pandemic. You’ll be able to entertain at home again, and even have friends to stay – do you remember that?

But where to start – the kitchen, the bathroom or the bedroom? We can help you with any aspect of your home refurb. Today we are sharing a few of our projects to help inspire you.

A New Kitchen?

The kitchen is often one of the biggest investments you will ever make in your home. Recently it has become the real heart of the home, more people have gone open-plan and naturally people congregate where the food is! But what style of kitchen do you like – are you a slick contemporary person so handleless suits you, or is a traditional style more you? Will you spend hours following recipes, or is reheating more your style? There are no right or wrong answers here, just make sure you know where you are heading before you start.

For this kitchen, our client wanted the kitchen they’d longed for, to entertain in, to cook for friends – we delivered their dream kitchen.


Or A New Bathroom?

Although not as expensive as a kitchen, your bathroom should be high on your priority list as you use it every day. There are many things to consider here – how often do you use the room, who uses it, is it for quick morning showers or long lengthy baths? Are you trying to recreate a spa at home, or is your requirement more functional – in and out, when high water pressure is often a big requirement?

For this family bathroom in Islington, we were combining all those things – morning showers for the parents, evening bath time for the baby. We needed lots of storage and easy-to-clean surfaces while still delivering a highly stylish bathroom.


Or Is It A New Bedroom You Need?

Maybe it is your master bedroom or guest bedrooms that need the most work in your home? This is an often overlooked room where the laundry gets dumped, stuff you don’t know what to do with ends up here, and clothes you’ve worn lie around on the floor – oh, and there is the bed you sleep in. How about a calmer, organised room with built-in wardrobes, bedside cabinets and a large comfortable bed to give a peaceful interior? Wouldn’t that be a nicer place to retire every evening?

This beautiful master bedroom in Islington was part of a whole house refurbishment for a client. The wall of wardrobes has a custom-built interior behind the antiqued mirror doors to hold a vast array of clothes, shoes, etc etc etc!


So where do you plan to start your 2021 renovation? Have a look around our website, check out our Instagram feed – and then drop us a line to get your next project going.