The Queen’s Gambit – how to recreate the interiors style

Have you watched the big hit of lockdown 2.0 – The Queen’s Gambit? The Netflix series is a fictional story that follows the life of Beth Harmon (played by Anya Taylor-Joy), an orphan who becomes a chess prodigy with dreams of becoming the world’s greatest chess player. The story begins in the mid-1950s and proceeds into the 1960s following her life through it’s different challenges. We watched it over two nights (just 7 episodes) and loved everything about it, the story, the costumes and of course the interiors.

Note: This post contains some plot scenes without (hopefully) giving away spoilers. If in doubt please subscribe to our blog and come back after watching the show.

Image: Netflix

Still here? Ok – so how can you recreate the style at home? We chosen three rooms to recreate to show you how you can get the interiors style in your own home. We are starting with the living room of the home Beth moves to when adopted. This series starts the 1950’s when interiors were very colourful – not a shade of beige or grey to be seen. It’s interesting that we have recently returned to strong colour on the walls after the plain period of the early 2000’s. We are also seeing much more pattern in our interiors.


Image: Netflix

The wallpaper in this room from the show has colour and pattern combined and our choice of this wallpaper from House of Hackney certainly delivers on both counts. We’ve used their fabric on our projects (check that footstool fabric!), and love that they donate to Friends of the Earth campaign to double the UK tree cover. We are teaming that with a gorgeous velvet from Zinc Textile. Many people often think velvet can be hard to live with, however this one also has texture in the design – it’s easier to live with!


Image: Zinc Textiles


The fireplace is a big feature of this room – so you’ll need to grab some fire bricks (and an approved tradesman) if you want to create this. Easier to add to your home is the sunburst mirror above the fireplace. La Redoute have a couple of options for this classic feature, widely recognised as originating during the reign of King Louis XIV. Either would add a touch of glamour to our own home.



Image: La Redoute


Image: La Redoute


Moving on to the next room, Beth’s bedroom in the family room, how do you feel about that tartan wallpaper? In the show you can see how it is used all over the room – if you are going brave with your interior choices do the whole room for impact. For a client project we have used tartan wallpaper in a gentleman’s study and it created a very unique style.


Image: Netflix

We are using a Ralph Lauren tartan (they call it plaid) wallpaper to recreate the look and teamed this with a gorgeous Designers Guild print for the upholstery. Remember this is a brave decorating style, it’s not the safe choice so if things clash a little don’t worry.


Egarton Plaid Peach and Terracotta Wallpaper PRL017 09

Image: Ralph Lauren


As a finishing touch for the upholstery go to Samuel and Sons for your tassel and fringing needs. The New York based company has a showroom in London and has been an interior designer’s secret for many years. They have a wide variety of fringes, tassels, chords and braids to finish your upholstery.



Image: Samuel & Sons


Later on in the series Beth travels to Paris and we see a very different style in the hotel in Paris where she stays for a chess tournament. This is just a sneak peak, you will have to watch the final episode to see the full beauty of this room. If you do need to practise your chess moves before a big match this is a beautiful place to do it.

Image: Netflix

We have used the French Bedroom Company for several client projects when we needed a period style of furniture. The Palais de Versailles sofa is reminiscent of the furniture style when Queen Marie Antoinette would have welcomed courtiers to her bed chamber. Add the stylish coffee table from Nicky Connell and your Parisian style room will be ready for you to start practising your own chess moves.



Image: Nicky Cornell


We can’t promise these room ideas will help with your chess game but your home will certainly be more stylish. Let us know your favourite interior from The Queen’s Gambit – and where you will be playing chess. Are you setting your goals to be the next Grandmaster or just to have some fun