What Is A Moss Wall? (And Why You Should Get One)

Moss walls – wow, what a statement they can be!

We recently installed a double height preserved moss wall as part of a Victorian house renovation to give a wow factor to their primary living space. So I want to talk you through a number of facets on the wall so you, the dear reader, can better understand the process to creating one.

Moss Wall In Living Room

What Is Preserved Moss?

First of all, what exactly is a moss wall? Well, without meaning to sound facetious, it is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a wall that is totally covered in preserved moss. As anyone who has ever walked along a forest floor will tell you, there are lots of different types of moss, and by using all the varieties you can create your very own bespoke moss picture.

The moss is exactly the same as that moss you used to buy for your train set – or if you are anything like me, my parents did for my train set, which they then spent all their time playing with! Preserved moss is moss that is no longer alive but has been treated with chemicals to preserve it. It’s a safe product for your children (after all, it’s on their trains sets) with the usual caveats of don’t eat it, keep it away from small children etc.

Moss Wall Feature Wall

Why Choose A Moss Wall?

A moss wall is a real focal point. If you want something in your house that is completely different from your neighbours and friends, then the moss wall is definitely something to consider. It’s like a piece of art, but totally yours. It is a piece of you and your character. Your guests will spend hours looking at it and admiring it – as will you. And by combining it with feature lighting, you can augment its natural features to an upper level.

How Long Does A Moss Wall Last?

This is a question we are often asked. As the moss is preserved, it should last several years as long as it is left alone to its own devices and is not prodded or played with – particularly by little fingers. Being a natural product, it will change colour subtly with time, just like a wooden table. This is perfectly normal.

Double Height Moss Wall

How Do You Install A Moss Wall?

The design process for your moss wall is actually very simple. We decide the theme for the wall with you. For example: is it to resemble a tree or something similar in nature, or perhaps something ‘out there’ like a motor car? Note that moss is green by nature as a general rule, so please don’t expect a screaming yellow Corvette!

We draw up sketches with you so that you can agree to the design, then these sketches can be rendered to give a better impression of the finished look. During the design process, we will show you examples of all the different moss types, so that you can understand that reindeer moss is totally different from sheet moss or lichen, for example. Once complete, the production process can begin.

The design is drawn onto square boards and the moss is stuck in place, so you end up with a patchwork of boards. The boards are then battened to the wall and any gaps are filled in on site. It’s a very easy installation process that’s not that intrusive… certainly less so than having the painter in! Normally installations are 1-2 days long.

Moss Wall Close Up

How Do You Maintain A Moss Wall?

Is a moss wall difficult to clean? The answer is no. Light dusting is all that’s required, or you can use a vacuum cleaner at a low setting. It doesn’t need to be done once a week like the rest of the house – once every few weeks would be appropriate.

Nearly any room will work for a moss wall, although a damp room like a bathroom would not be a good idea. A kitchen would be fine, as long as it’s well ventilated.

For even less maintenance, it’s also possible to have them on tables with a glass top. So if you are still in child mode, you could have a Star Wars scene with small characters hiding amongst lumps of moss on Endor or Yavin 4. This could also be a theme for a wall of course. Almost anything is possible!

So, what are you waiting for? Start thinking about incorporating a moss wall into your home renovation. With London Contemporary helping you with the design work, you will have the home of your dreams. Get in touch with us – we’d be happy to help!